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At Grasp & Clasp we are extremely passionate about bringing out innovative games for children above the age of 4. It is scientifically proven that with a game based learning, the average retention rate amongst children is as high as 75%. Our ideology is to create awareness about our issues that our country is facing and bring it to people in a gamified manner.

Also, at Grasp & Clasp, there is an enormous scope for building partnership, since our core values are trust, integrity and mutual respect.


Jai Vaidyanathan


The mastermind behind this start-up, Jai is a visionary who has played an active role in conceptualizing the product. He also heads Finance, Strategy, Online Channel and Digital Marketing for the company.


Sunil Renukaiah


A high network individual who can get any activity accomplished in record time, Sunil Renukaiah, is the backbone of the company. He is handling Channel Sales and Business Development.


Vinod Kumar N.


A thorough production expert with detailed understanding of printing and packaging, Vinod Kumar, brings in a blend of creativity and modern outlook. He is taking care of production, inventory management and logistics.


Shwetha Jaikrishnan


From generating content for the product to keeping our social media handles buzzing, Shwetha has spearheaded the project with her flair for writing and commendable communication skills. She heads PR and Product Line Extension.


Sangeetha Sunil


Sangeetha Sunil, with high ethics and values, comes with an overseas education in Early Childhood Education from the University of Canada, has played a vital role in augmenting the product. She will continue to inspire us and be a part of future expansions.


Latha Mangeshwari MS


With an eye for detail, Latha heads Product Assembly and ensures that quality checks are done on each and every product. Her understanding of what appeals to children helped make the product user friendly.

Manoj Pic.jpg

Manoj Raikar

Music Director

The musical genius, Manoj Raikar from 1920 Productions', is the man behind the jingle for our brand. He also runs a music school named ‘Acoustix- The Music People’, where good quality music education is affordable.


Lekha Gajwani

Head- Design

With her great understanding of the industry, Lekha is the brain behind the look and feel of the product. As Head Design for Grasp & Clasp, she is known for her ability to perfectly execute unique ideas stemming from an in-depth research.